Summer 2018 Update

August 12, 2018 11:24 am | By Kyla Qi

It’s been a busy summer for RoboJackets! Here’s a quick recap of what our teams have been up to since the end of the Spring semester:

BattleBots competed at RoboGames in Pleasanton, CA in early May. 120 lb vertical spinner Mandiii went 4-2 and took second place after only losing matches to the first place robot. Mandiii has been a focus of iterative design starting in 2012, and we were excited to celebrate years of hard work with our highest placement in competition to date.

IGVC performed at its highest level in 6 years, earning second place out of approximately 40 teams in the design competition and being one of the 11 teams to qualify out of the 36 present. This performance was thanks to their exceptional team effort to get a functional robot within a single year.

RoboRacing competed at the annual International Autonomous Robot Racing Competition this June, entering their new and improved small autonomous car, Sedani. Sedani successfully navigated the drag race autonomously, but faced some difficulties on the circuit race. Their mechanical and electrical systems are stable and the team is poised to be successful at the upcoming Sparkfun AVC in Colorado.

RoboCup significantly improved this year, successfully passing at this year’s competition in Montreal. They ended with two wins, two ties, and two losses, moving from last to 5th in their division. After competition, the team developed a working chipper prototype.

All of our competitive teams learned a lot from their competitions, and we are very excited to begin improving our robots for next year!

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IGVC Team Competes in Rochester, MI

June 13, 2015 11:42 am | By Orlin Velev

The RoboJackets’ Intelligent Ground Vehicle Competition team and their robot Mistii recently attended competition at Oakland University in Rochester Michigan from June 5-8. Mistii, a 3 wheeled, 300lb autonomous vehicle, contended with adverse weather conditions and muddy terrain over the four days of the event. The team was ultimately unable to qualify on the track but came closer to their goal than in the previous two years. The object of the competition is to create and program a robot that can navigate an outdoor obstacle course comprised of barrels, painted lines, and gps waypoints without any human assistance. More information can be found at

IGVC 2015 Group Photo

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IGVC Kicks-Off Summer Competitions

June 30, 2014 1:25 pm | By Matt Barulic

Our Intelligent Ground Vehicle Team recently returned from competition in Rochester, MI, where we enjoyed a weekend packed with amazing robots and beautiful weather. Our members learned quite a bit from demonstrating our robot’s capabilities and seeing how other teams approached the challenge. We even got to see some incredible machines from the likes of iRobot® and Clearpath RoboticsTM! Now that we’re back in Atlanta, our IGVC team is already working on improvements for next year’s competition.

But if one robotics competition isn’t enough to fill your summer, we couldn’t agree more! IGVC is just the first of three of our teams that will compete this summer. Keep an eye out after the World Cup for RoboCup, taking place in Brazil this July. Meanwhile, our IARRC team will be on the road to Canada for their maiden competition. July will be a busy month for the RoboJackets!

The RoboJackets meeting the iRobot® 310 SUGV

For more information about IGVC, see

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Election Results

January 21, 2014 11:43 pm | By Brandon Armstrong

Congrats to all of our newly elected officers from this past Thursday! The results were as follows:

Sue Pedapudi

George Vellaringattu

Orlin Velev

PR Chair
Neeta Thawani

Elections for the FY15 will occur toward the end of the Spring semester. RoboJackets members that might be interested in a position (or would just like to be more involved in RoboJackets) are encouraged to talk to current officers about what their jobs entail.

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Elections Meeting this Thursday

January 12, 2014 9:26 pm | By Brandon Armstrong

RoboJackets will hold a  general meeting  for elections this Thursday, Jan 16th @ 7pm in MRDC 2407 to fill vacant officer positions. The positions being elected at this meeting are: Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary. Nominations are still possible at this meeting.

A short description of what these positions entail can be found at Candidates will be given time to speak and take questions. All members are encouraged to attend the meeting to ask questions and vote on the new officers.

Hope to see you there!

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