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Everyone has seen the hit T.V. show BattleBots, which pits two robots against each other in a gladiator style arena. However, many people don’t know the process behind building one. RoboJackets’ Battlebots team strives to build competitive robots which are strong enough to deal and take damage in battle while also instilling engineering knowledge into its members. The task is simple: build a robot to fight one-on-one with another robot of the same weight class. To accomplish this task, we manufacture most parts in shop and heavily focus on the mechanical components of the robot alongside a basic amount of electrical work. Currently our line up consists of: Mandiii (120lb), Cassowari (60lb), Cathiv (30lb), Gucci (Sumo), and a multitude of 3lb robots from our 3lb Training Program, which introduces new members to the team. Hot off the heels of Mandiii’s second place finish at RoboGames 2018, we are pursuing improvement of our line up to make them more robust and dangerous than ever before.

The Competition
Competitions consist of fights between robots in the same weight class. For a fair fight, maximum carnage, and the safety of the audience, certain restrictions are placed on the offensive nature of the robots. For instance, entanglement weapons such as ropes or nets are prohibited along with invisible weapons such as electrical interference. This focuses the robot design on aggressive blunt weapons designed to break apart or incapacitate the other robot, with the only limitation being the safety of the audience. These powerful weapons force the innovative creation of designs which can withstand large shock loads, both mechanically and electrically. The difficulty in creating a BattleBot lies in the necessary balance between a defensive design and a strong offensive weapon while ensuring a robust robot within the weight limitations; something as minor as a single forgotten wire or loosened bolt will cause defeat in an intense fight!

Thursday – Carpool at 6:30 PM, Love loading dock
Friday – Carpool at 6:30 PM, Love loading dock

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Alex Field – Project Manager

Cody Page – 3lb Manager