RoboRacing is RoboJackets’ autonomous racing team. We build capable robots with car-style chassis and program them to navigate themselves around obstacles at high speed. Our team started in 2013, initially competing in the International Autonomous Robot Racing Challenge (IARRC) competition and has come in first place twice in the last four years. Now, RoboRacing also competes in Sparkfun’s Autonomous Vehicle Competition (AVC).

The Competitions 

IARRC Competition

Yearly circuit and drag race competition for RC-sized autonomous cars. Teams are scored based on their performance (read: speed) in the races, as well as written reports and oral presentations. The IARRC competition is held at the University of Toronto in Ontario, Canada.

Sparkfun AVC

Compete to build and program the best autonomous cars to navigate obstacles as quickly as possible. RC-sized cars compete in Speed Demons, while Autonomous Car Wars is the domain of our go-kart-sized ride-along car. Teams are scored on a structured basis involving their performance in the race. The competition is held at Denver’s Maker Faire.  This competition held its final year in 2018 before being cancelled.

EV Grand Prix – Autonomous Division

After the cancellation of Sparkfun AVC, RoboRacing has decided to expand to a new competition, EV Grand Prix, held in Indianapolis.  This competition involves an autonomous electric go-kart race around a track at the Indy 500 Speedway.  We will begin our build for this competition in the 2019-2020 academic year.

Sundays from 4-7, Mondays from 6:30-9.
New Members are only required to come to Monday meetings for the duration of their training period, after which they will come to Sunday and Monday meetings.

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Team Leadership
Shishir Pandit-Rao – Project Manager

Daniel Martin – Software Lead

Andrew Rocco – Electrical Lead

Sam Morstein – Mechanical Lead